Two successful business organizations of Colombia, Grupo Argos and Southern Port Holding Inc.; the latter, made up of the Echavarría Obregón family and Grupo Ership of Spain, incorporated COMPAS S.A., the network of public multipurpose ports of Colombia, on December 1, 2012.


Southern Port Holding Inc.

Familia Echavarría Obregón
Successful business tradition in Colombia.

More than 100 years of global experience in shipping and port operations. 



A company recognized for its strategic investments in the cement, energy, coal, real estate and port sectors. 


They therefore replicated in all COMPAS terminals the successful experience as for such strategic partnership between both organizations in the port of Buenaventura, to benefit from its infrastructure and commercial positioning, integrating their knowledge and mutual operational experience in the port industry.
With two port terminals in Cartagena, one in Buenaventura, one in Barranquilla, one in Tolú and two more, in Panama and Houston, U.S. (both through a partnership with Argos), COMPAS is the only port organization that is operating in both oceans.


Provide innovative, quality logistical services, satisfying the needs of our clients through qualified, motivated and committed staff, with processes focused on sustainability, ethics and transparency in order to create value to our stakeholders.


By 2022, COMPAS will be a recognized leader in the provision logistical services of foreign trade and the sustainable economic, environmental and social management.